Shop Time
Initial Visit: $130 (The initial visit is 90min)
Shop Rate: $100/hr
4 Hours: $320*
6 Hours: $420*
10 Hours: $620*
* These blocks of time can be broken up according to your needs/goals. The time block expires 1 calendar year from the date of purchase.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Membership:?????????????????????????????????
You get 2 hours of time per month for $100, card is charged at beginning of the month.
Pit Stop: $30/half hr: If you simply want to pick my brain on a topic of your choosing or would like my professional opinion/diagnosis on a problem. This does NOT include any kind of hands on treatment or training.
Weekend/Emergency Rate: $150/hr (provided I’m available)

Basic Services
Traditional fix it as needed physiotherapy (shop rate $100/hour): This is the way most folks utilize physiotherapy services. A niggle or pain becomes annoying or debilitating to the point that the person seeks out professional help to resolve the issue.

Maintenance Care
This is for folks that need a little help with general physical upkeep.
Persistent or Recurrent problems due to Lifestyle variables and/or previous
musculoskeletal trauma would be examples here. The 4 and 6 hour time blocks are an ideal way to make maintenance care more affordable.

Performance Tuning
This is where the fun starts. You and I will figure out what your goals are and how I can most effectively and efficiently help you get there. For those interested in investing in learning how to not only minimize injury occurrence, but also how to integrate physiotherapy, nutrition, and physiological conditioning into a complete performance upgrade, this is where to begin. Projects in this area could be anything from post surgical rehab to get you back to 100%, putting together a plan so you can set a performance PR or simply learning how to effectively maintain your health and fitness without having to rely on us health professionals as much. Depending on the extent of the project the 4 or 6 hour time blocks are the most economical way to go here.

Custom Builds and Full Restorations
Depending on your goals and personal beliefs this is where just about anything goes. I’ll act as your personal witchdoctor/hacker and give you a guided tour of your
CNS/Operating System. I’ll teach you how to use nutrition, physiological and
neurological conditioning, and pharmacology to achieve your goals. This is a minimum 3 month time commitment on your part. Price is based on the size
and complexity of the project.
*This can be done as a single session intensive to give you a taste.


Input Output System Level 1
The BIOS protocol is a synthesis of physiotherapy techniques combined with infant
motor development theory. You will learn and refine basic movement patterns originally learned in the first 18 months of life. These original movement patterns serve as the foundation for every movement skill we develop thereafter. The goal is to reestablish the original movement patterns to promote injury resistance and integrate these relearned patterns into current training and life routines. This will parallel “unlearning” the dysfunctional movement patterns created through adulting, overuse and trauma.

Input Output System Level 2

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